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Kris Humphries to get nothing?

Janelle Vreeland

Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries “blindsided” by divorce

Not only has Kris Humphries been “blindsided” by his split with Kim Kardashian, chances are good that he is also going to receive nothing in the divorce.

Newser reports that Humphries divulged to TMZ that he is “committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents” and “willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.”

Kardashian, on the other hand, seems to have made up her mind about the situation and is doing everything in her power to cut Humphries off. According to the divorce papers, Kardashian wants the court to reject any requests made by Humphries for spousal support. Also, the prenup agreement reportedly states that Humphries is entitled to nothing if the marriage ends, while Kardashian’s assets prior to their marriage and her earnings during their time together are protected.

Kardashian would also keep the $2 million ring.

Some sources say that the marriage was a publicity stunt from the beginning, saying, “It was pretty much an arranged marriage right from the start.”

Meanwhile, comedian Rob Delaney has announced that he is going to sue Kim Kardashian if she follows through with this divorce. Citing the $18 million Kardashian was allegedly paid for selling the rights to her wedding, Delaney questions how much effort was put into the marriage, and points out that the money could be given to more deserving causes. He also says that Kardashian can avoid his lawsuit if she stays married and gives her relationship another shot.

“I don’t hate you,” Delaney assures Kardashian. “I hate your shows. I hate that I know who you are. But I could move to Patagonia or New Guinea and escape you if I wasn’t as willingly bound up in our terrifying modern consumer culture as you are. I know that under your unnecessary inch of makeup and Kevlar sheath dress is a heart that yearns for true love and could find and appreciate the pleasures in marriage that I described above. That’s why I’d like you to stay married. And if you won’t, I will sue you. Because when you wrap your marriage vows around a cubic zirconia encrusted baseball bat and beat us about the head and face with them, you can stay the f— married for more than 20 minutes, you sexy monster. I’ll see you in court.”

Read the rest of Rob Delaney’s essay to Kim Kardashian here.

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