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Knicks vs Heat: Will the Linstoppable Linsanity Linger On?

Billy Gardner

Jeremy Lin's 38 points helped oust the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Is Lebron next?

If the Knicks can’t handle the Heat than stay out of Miami

The New York Knicks are set to play the Miami Heat this evening in what is amongst the most highly anticipated match-ups so far this season. The Knicks have spiked in media popularity since the rise of Jeremy Lin and are will take on Lebron James and the Heat at home this evening.

With Jeremy Lin in their lineup the last 10 games, the Knicks have won 8 games.  The young phenom during those games has averaged almost 24 points and a near 10 assists along with it. According to “Beijing Business Today,” Nike is looking to extend their contract to the young player putting up points, in hopes of not having him stolen by competitors. 

Lin is set to cash in and coming from the D-league no less. This young player has been called a “godsend” by Hardwood Paroxysm’s Noam Schiller and “inspirational” by’s Mike Wallace and hopes to continue his Linlightening talents into tonight’s game. 

With his current rise in popularity and overall threat to other NBA teams, Lin knows, “teams will adjust” to his playing style. The seemingly modest hoop star turned down a recent GQ cover spread, and said on ESPN, “I need to be focused on basketball right now.” Tonight’s venue is a good example of why.

On the other side of the monumental match up, is this season’s top suspect for MVP, Lebron James. With so much attention going to the Cinderella story of Jeremy Lin, Lebron has remained under the radar scoring almost 30-points a game and having arguably the best season of his career.

The Heat look to continue their 7 game win streak tonight. Adjustments are sure to be made against Jeremy Lin but one can’t help but wonder is the up and coming Jeremy Lin Linstoppable?

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