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Kim Mulkey diagnosed with Bell's palsy

Kara Menini

Kim Mulkey

Baylor women’s basketball coach said condition won’t affect her coaching the final four

Kim Mulkey, the Women’s basketball coach at Baylor University, has just announced she had been recently diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. Kim Mulkey has assured the public that her recent diagnosis will not interfere with the way she will coach in the final four.

Kim Mulkey was diagnosed after she felt a strange sensation on her tongue last week. Later, she went to the mirror and realized her left eye was drooping and when she smiled, it was crooked. Kim Mulkey went to the doctor instead of practice last weekend when a friend was concerned the symptoms might be a sign of a stroke. Mulkey had an MRI on Wednesday and was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy after doctors ruled on a stroke or a tumor. Kim Mulkey said, “I know that I will recover. It will take some time to recover and it may get worse before it gets better.”

Bell’s palsy is usually a temporary form of facial paralysis, sometimes caused by a viral infection or inflammation of the facial muscles. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, Bell’s palsy can happen at any age; though, it is more common in pregnant women between the ages of 15 and 60.

“Don’t let anybody tell you I’m not happy because I’m not smiling,” said Kim Mulkey after revealing her condition on Thursday. “I’m not smiling because I don’t want people to see my crooked smile.” The condition also affects hearing for Kim Mulkey when she raises her voice but said in the press conference it won’t change her style of coaching. “I’m not going to keep me from hollering. This isn’t going to change how I coach; it isn’t going to change anything. I’ll just be another ugly coach with a crooked face.”

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