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Kate Middelton to give birth soon

Royal baby is withholding

OMG you guys, Kate Middleton is getting closer and closer to giving birth to the royal baby! YAAAAAY!

Kate Middleton left her parents’ house yesterday with her husband Prince William and police escort to head back to London. The report comes to us from reparable news outlet Us Weekly, rumored to be the brainchild of iconic newsman Walter Cronkite.

Of course Us Weekly can’t confirm whether or not Kate Middleton has returned to London to give birth to her royal baby; for all they know, Kate Middleton could be back in London to start a YouTube series based on energy-efficient waffle irons.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has of course been the talk of this nation, that nation and all other nations currently not starving or being torn apart by war. Insider experts say that Kate Middleton is getting more and more pregnant by the minute, and hypothetically will be the most pregnant she has ever been in her life at the moment of the royal baby’s birth.

The royal baby in question was rumored to arrive yesterday, July 19, but seems to have chosen to remain hidden. WTF ROYAL BABY?!?

Like all prima donna royalty, it seems that the child of Kate Middleton and Prince William wants to make a dramatic entrance. The suspense is overwhelming those on the royal baby watch, both in London and abroad. As you may be aware, a heat wave has recently hit parts of Northeast America as well as London.

Though there is no scientific proof linking the current heat wave with the arrival of the royal baby, there is also no evidence disproving it. WTF ROYAL BABY?!?

When will the royal baby arrive? No one knows for sure. However you social media slores have nothing to worry about, it has been confirmed that Kate Middleton’s royal baby birth will be announced via Twitter.

 So if you really want to be in the loop you should refresh your Twitter feed right now!








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