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Justin Bieber x Cody Simpson Release Debut Track "Home to Mama"

Adrianna Velazquez

This past September Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson announced that they were spending time in the studio on a joint album and they recently gave fans a preview of what they’ve been working on with the release of their track “Home to Mama” following the Australian singer’s tweet to Justin Bieber that read, “Aye @justinbieber you wanna give them a little something later today?” accompanied by the cover art for the single.

The two originally met years ago through their shared manager, Scooter Braun and have been spotted working together in recent months.

The track is an acoustic ballad about finding a gem that is worth taking “home to mama.” Lyrics include, “I’ll take you home to mama, and let you meet my friends…. Cause you don’t come with drama, girl I’ll love you till the world ends.”

The cover art for the single features Bieber and Simpson wearing hats and strumming their guitars outside of a dimly lit cabin. The track is the first from their collective album entitled, 2 Guitars and was released exclusively on Bieber and Simpson’s fan clubs through the Fahlo app.

Although the song isn’t clear on whether it’s an ode to Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid or the two with lyrics like, “I don’t work hard when its easy, I put in work when its hard, girl I never believed in love till I had yours/ This is more than a season, and I’m not just sprung, I’m not afraid to tell ya, that you are the one,” the song received positive feedback from fans and lovers alike.

Check out the guitar strumming love track here and tell us what you think!

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