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Jurassic Park 4 gets a release date and a new title

Jess Smith

Jurassic World will be the title of the fourth installment

Jurassic Park 4 will get a June 2015 release date

Jurassic Park 4 is happening. Take a minute to collect yourself. The fourth installment to the classic prehistoric fantasy series was first heard about back in May when it was rumored that, Colin Trevorrow, the director of Safety Not Guaranteed, would be taking on Jurassic Park 4 and that production of the film would be delayed. The film was originally scripted by Planet of the Apes screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver, but Universal Studios decided they would rather have Trevorrow and producer Pat Crowley drum up their own version of the script.

Now, Universal Studios has announced that Jurassic Park 4 will get a brand new makeover with the title: Jurassic World. Jurassic World also got an official release date with the giant mechanical dinosaurs taking over the silver screen on June 12, 2015.

In addition to the new director Colin Trevorrow, legendary director and creator of the original series, Steven Spielberg will also be directing the movie, giving Jurassic fanboys even more reason to be optimistic about this reboot.

Casting for Jurassic World has yet to be announced by the rumor mill has been a float with names, since the announcement of the reboot in May.  The Help actress Bryce Dallas Howard has been mentioned, along with Lee Daniel’s The Butler actor David Oyelowo and  Tron: Legacy actor Garrett Hedlund.

The Summer of 2015 will most likely be the biggest one for the film industry yet, with the season overflowing with big-budget blockbusters.  The Avengers sequel Avengers: The Age of Ultron will be zooming onto the big screen along with an Independence Day sequel by Roland Emmerich. Major phenomenon Pirates of the Carribean will also be getting another movie tacked onto the series with Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. The biggest blockbuster of the Summer will most likely be Zack Snyder’s Batman/Superman film, where Ben Affleck has been officially announced as Batman.

Although Jurassic World has a lot of competition it will definitely bring in massive amounts of money with the first movie grossing a total of $357,067,947. With two years before the release, that gives people two years to brush up on their prehistoric knowledge.

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