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John Edwards battles personal details in trial

Scott Hixson

John Edwards remains on the defense

Cate Edwards, daughter of the embattled politician, leaves courtroom in tears

John Edwards, former Presidential candidate, remains under scrutiny after riveting testimony in his campaign-finance trial drives his daughter from the courtroom.

John Edwards faces six counts stemming from alleged violations of campaign finance laws after reportedly using nearly $1 million to conceal an extramarital pregnancy. John Edwards has pleaded not guilty to all counts stemming from the investigation. Edwards faces 30 years in prison if convicted on the charges, alleging he funneled campaign cash into a slush fund used to conceal his infidelity.

The issue began in 2007 with a National Enquirer article revealing the extramarital affair of John Edwards and Rielle Hunter. Hunter’s initial refusal to deny the report ultimately led Elizabeth Edwards, former wife of the disgraced former Presidential candidate, to confront her husband in an airport parking lot before tearing her shirt and bra from her body and yelling, “You don’t see me anymore.”

Elizabeth Edwards was at this time battling terminal breast cancer and has since passed away in 2010.

The revelation of the testimony detailing her mother’s hysterical reaction led Cate Edwards, daughter of John Edwards, to flee from the courtroom in tears.

This revelation marks yet another bizarre turn in coverage of the trial. Recently, it was agreed that testimony relating to a steamy sex tape made by Hunter and Edwards can be used in the trial. The defense team for John Edwards claims the tape was stolen by a former campaign aid, Andrew Young. Despite claims about how the tape was made public, Judge Catherine Eagles declared testimony relating to it could be used in the trial; though, jurors would not be shown the contents of the tape.

Jurors have heard twice in trial that Edwards believed he was not breaking any campaign finance laws during the affair. Former campaign aide, Andrew Young, has stated that he was told by Edwards that there was nothing illegal in how they were hiding Hunter’s pregnancy.

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