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Jenny McCarthy joins "The View"

Corey Demaline

Will the autism advocate Jenny McCarthy make a good co-host for the 19th year of The View?

Hasselbeck exits, McCarthy enters in September

As if The View doesn’t have enough crazy-minded women, ABC decided the best way to increase their audience was by adding another one to the mix. On September 9th, comedic actress and blogger of ‘Daily Jenny’ for the Chicago Sun-Times will join ABC’s 19th season of The View.

Longtime co-host and conservative-minded Elisabeth Hasselbeck will be exiting the show to join ABC’s live talk show Fox and Friends. Hasselbeck seems to have started a trend, as Joy Behar is making her departure later this summer and Barbara Walters, who assisted in the creation of the show back in 1997, is exiting next August.

McCarthy (ex-girlfriend of actor Jim Carrey) has made her fortune starring in leading shows and big-screen films. ‘Daily Jenny’ has also sparked the media’s attention by claiming her son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism due to recommended vaccine immunizations. Whether or not Evan was actually diagnosed remains a mystery.

The best-selling author supports British doctor, Andrew Wakefield, in his study linking the MMR vaccine to be a probable cause of autism. Wakefield has not only been discredited from the medical community, but has also lost his medical license. So will McCarthy survive future interrogations from her soon-to-be co-hosts? I’ll let you decide.

Since the ABC hit morning show announced Jenny McCarthy’s future co-hosting spot, a group called Every Child by Two, which urges parents to vaccinate their babies, have voiced their opinion in a letter, sent to producers and Ms. Walters. The letter reads:

 “Ms. McCarthy’s unfounded claims that vaccines cause autism have been one of the greatest impediments to public health in recent decades. These false assertions, in addition to her condemnation of public health officials and the medical community over all, has spread fear among young parents, which has led to an increased number of children who have not received lifesaving vaccines.”

Whether or not you agree with McCarthy’s “educated” view on the matter, it is a fact over two-dozen studies have failed to find a link between autism and vaccines. The advocacy group Autism Speaks also states there is no connection leading medical professionals to believe vaccine immunizations are a cause of autism.

Ms. Walters stated she is more than thrilled Jenny McCarthy is joining the program. Maybe it’s a good thing Walters is getting out now rather than later. Her logic seems to be a bit off. Will The View survive the arrival of McCarthy and departure of Behar and Walters? Only time will tell. Stay tuned…

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