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Jeff Foxworthy endorses Mitt Romney

Brittney Elkins

Jeff Foxworthy appeared with Mitt Romney in Alabama Monday to help boost Romney's image in the eyes of Southerners.

If you have to force a few “y’alls”, you might not be a redneck.

Jeff Foxworthy, the famed “you might be a redneck” comedian, hit the campaign trail with Mitt Romney this week to help boost support for the GOP candidate.

In Mobile, Ala. Monday, Mitt Romney joked with Jeff Foxworthy, saying, “I am looking forward to going hunting with you sometime, and you can actually show me which end of the rifle to point.”

Jeff Foxworthy joked to a rain-drenched crowd, “The fact that you would stand here in this pouring down rain to listen to the next president of the United States proves to me you are smarter than a 5th grader,” in reference to the TV game show Jeff Foxworthy hosts.

Even if the south loves Jeff Foxworthy, will his endorsement get them to love Mitt Romney as well? The northerner was criticized last week after he tried to act Southern, insisting he likes to eat grits. On Monday he announced that he tried catfish for a second time and liked it, even though he said before that he wasn’t a fan.

The Jeff Foxworthy appearance was the first of many designed to bolster Romney’s conservative street cred before Mississippi and Alabama voters hit the polls in the Republican primary today.

Jeff Foxworthy didn’t let Romney’s “y’alls” go unnoticed.

“I gotta’ spend a day with you and teach you how to speak Southern a little bit,” Jeff Foxworthy said.

Jeff Foxworthy went on to say, “We don’t elect presidents on personality. We did that in 2008.”

Whether or not a Jeff Foxworthy endorsement had any effect on Romney’s image in the south will be determined tonight after the poll results are in.

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