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Jeff Conaway's death ruled accidental

Jalesa Hall

Los Angeles County Coroner rules “Grease” star’s death accidental

Almost five months after his passing, Jeff Conaway’s death has been ruled as accidental, according to CNN. A long time user of prescription pills to deal with chronic pain, Conway’s death was originally ruled pneumonia, but his doctor has stated that his long-term use of prescription pills lead to his unfortunate passing.

Conaway remained in a medically induced coma for two weeks before passing, and passed on May 27, 2011. With opiate addicts, they will eventually take more than usual to maintain and the substance makes its way into their lungs, leading them to develop pneumonia. The world saw Conway’s struggle with drugs and alcohol in a 2008 season of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

After being admitted into the hospital on May 10, there is no evidence that his overdose was intentional. Conway was 60.

Previously, Conaway had starred in “Taxi” and “Grease.”

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