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iPhone 5 finally here?

Jill Treacy

Many await the Sept. 12 debut of Apple's iPhone 5.

Apple scheduled iPhone 5 event for Sept. 12 in San Francisco.


The iPhone 5 dawn is near as Apple schedules a big event for Sept. 12 in San Francisco rumored to be the debut of the company’s next generation iPhone. The invitation features a large “12” shadowed by the number five and the short phrase “It’s almost here.”

While this fall is reported to see the next era of iPhone mania, Apple has been quiet about the exact release date of the iPhone 5. According to the Huffington Post, Apple invited the press to the Sept. 12 gathering that’s supposed to take place at 10:00 a.m. PST at Apple’s favorite Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The invitation announced that the company will be previewing new products, though not specifying which products exactly. Still looks promising!

What is widely referred to as the iPhone 5, Apple’s next phone will likely have a 4-inch screen, a redesigned dock connector and a new two-toned unibody design. The screen, upgraded half an inch from a 3.5-inch LCD to a 4-inch LCD, is garnering both excitement and hesitation. A bigger screen allows for more interaction with the phone’s contents, but the larger phone’s incompatible accessories might throw past accessories out of date.  

Apple has been known to release their products a short nine to ten days after events, therefore the release date of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 is predicted for Friday, Sept.21. Our fingers are crossed!

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