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Iowa caucus results: Mitt Romney's narrow win

Janelle Vreeland

Iowa caucus illustration

Iowa caucus results in Rick Santorum placing second

The Iowa caucus results are in and although Mitt Romney took the lead, it was not by much.

The CBS News reports that according to the Iowa caucus results, Mitt Romney won out over Rick Santorum by only eight votes. Santorum’s narrow loss is impressive considering he was at the bottom of opinion polls just weeks ago. Romney now appears to be headed toward the nomination. Santorum, however, isn’t giving up.

“With your help and God’s grace, we will have another fun night a week from now,” Santorum told supporters before the final caucus results were announced.

Ron Paul came in third, Newt Gingrich places fourth, Rick Perry placed fifth, Michele Bachmann placed sixth and Jon Huntsman placed seventh. Reacting to their disappointing standing in the caucus results, Perry and Bachmann are hinting that their campaigns may be over. A defeated Perry told supporters following the iowa caucus that he would return to Texas to “determine whether there is a path forward for me in this race.” Meanwhile, a senior Republican official with direct knowledge says Bachmann is suspending her presidential campaign.

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