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Iowa caucuses are "overhyped," says Cokie Roberts

Janelle Vreeland

Iowa caucus illustration

Undecided Iowa caucus-goers remain candidates’ focus

Tuesday marks the day of the Iowa caucuses. Although the candidates will be spending the day in Iowa, trying to sway undecided likely caucus-goers, some are downplaying the importance of the Iowa caucuses.

ABC News contributor Cokie Roberts reports that the Iowa caucuses are “overhyped and, frankly, absurd.” Roberts explains that the media puts emphasis on the Iowa caucuses because the candidates do, “but, honestly, what happens in the Iowa caucuses is 100 people, at most, in many cases standing around somebody’s living room and convincing each other to vote for a particular candidate.”

For what it is worth, though, Roberts believes that Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney or Ron Paul will walk away the winner of the caucuses.

RT reports that Paul is currently in the leader in the polls. Paul confirmed his growing support-base, saying, “The enthusiasm is growing by leaps and bounds and crowds are getting bigger.”

Read more about the Iowa caucuses here, and check out each candidate’s schedule of caucus events here.

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