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iOS 5.1 update has arrived for Apple users

Billy Gardner

iOS 5.1 taste good with apple users

See new features below

Apple announces the release of the new iPad Wednesday but with it they also released iOS 5.1 for the iPhone 3Gs, 4, and 4s.  What does this mean for iPhone users? With the new iOS 5.1 users will now see a 4G icon replace their 3G, a smarter Siri fluent in 6 languages (as if she wasn’t brilliant enough) and a tuned-up iTunes Match. Apple has also jazzed up the home screen with a new slide to unlock feature and capability of snapping photos quickly on the home screen.

Issues with the previous operating system iOS 5 included a quick draining battery. iOS 5.1 represents Apple’s attempt and has since corrected the issue.

With the iOS 5.1 automatic update feature, the operating system should be available “over the air” through the new 4G service or via iTunes.

Of course Apple has been known to stay on their toes and is in the midst of developing iOS 6. Although no reports have been released to the public, there is evidence that they are testing the operating system at Apple headquarters in California. Apple typically waits for their developer’s conference in the early part of summertime to release updates, and although iOS 5.1 is available now, iOS 6 is expected to release next fall. That is if its safe to say Apple stays on its toes.

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