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Introducing Seelio

Josh Smith

Helping grads and undergrads into their dream job

Helping grads and undergrads into their dream job

College students today face a massive disadvantage as fresh-faced graduates and dedicated undergrads battle for employment during one of our nation’s hardest economic periods. As it is, these students are just battling each other for open positions, what few there are, but are also going up against those already in the workforce and acclimated to those positions. It’s a steep hill to climb, but there is help. Seelio is taking the traditional resume and morphing it into an eye-catching display of talents aimed at adding personality to what job recruiters see.


For Students

A resume is a strange thing, it’s intention is to sell a job applicant and make them look appealing to a potential recruiter. Beyond adding flashy words, which may or may not actually work, you’re limited on what you can actually put on a resume to get noticed. This is precisely what Seelio understands. Instead of relying on bullet-points and minimizing accomplishments throughout college, Seelio instead transplants parts of who the student is and relays that, giving a sense of personalization and an impression of individuality to a sea of nameless resumes.

This visual approach to ‘selling yourself’ allows students to include any digital information that may help them obtain the career of their dreams. Pictures, videos, presentations, even term papers can be included to show exactly what type of student — and what type of employee — the potential recruit is. Additionally, Seelio acts as a sort of ‘visualized LinkedIn’, the online social media site aimed at business professionals. Students can build their own presence within Seelio, allowing contacts to be made which in turn helps develop business relationships to flourish. With the ability to join communities and create a personal presence, students will architect their own resume in ways never before accomplished.

For Business

Yes, Seelio is also making it easy for recruiters to join and find talent specifically aimed at their needs. With an ability to post jobs, companies big and small will ensure they’re getting some of the brightest untapped minds fresh out of college. The biggest benefit for the students though, is the same for the business themselves. Having a deeper view into who the student is beyond words on one page gives companies the ability to judge who the applicant is, no longer relying on  how many big words they found using Google.

Finally, with companies starting up every day it’s difficult to get brand recognition, especially among college students. Tipping back a can of ‘Mountain Brew’ isn’t as noticeable as the ‘Mountain Dew’ that graces mini-fridges campus wide. By hiring newly graduated students and establishing themselves on Seelio, companies can spread their popularity among the younger crowd, allowing for new applicants and, essentially, new and fresh ideas.

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