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Introducing Elle B: Real World pop for real world people

Taryn Ziegler

Introducing Elle B: Real World pop for real world people

The burgeoning artist is set for big things

Authentic humanity meets authentic beats in the seamless fusion that is Elle B’s particular style of “World Pop” music. In a global sound stage rife with lyrics and tunes that veer away from the course of actual life, Elle B brings the music back to the people. Having absorbed an array of cultural melodies throughout her extensive traveling, Elle B is capable of creating music that can grasp the attention equally of a listener in America to a listener in Ethiopia. The lyrics may be in English, but the sound is that of the world, and that world has an uplifting and mesmerizing beat. Welcome to the colorful music that is Elle B’s gift to the global community.

The Woman Behind the Music

Elle B is a vocal powerhouse with talents both in front and behind the conception of her music. A songwriter, producer, and singer all-in-one, Elle B has an extensive history of putting her skillset to use not only for herself but other artists well-known in the music industry. Elle B sang backup for Katy Perry for almost six years and has performed on beloved stages like that of Saturday Night Live, the White House, the Grammys, and the Super Bowl. Not to be limited to the United States alone, Elle B has also lived and sung in London and Ethiopia, as well as traveled in Belgium and France. She now lives in in her hometown of Los Angeles, California, working on her solo musical ventures.

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The Story Behind the Woman

Born and raised in sweltering Los Angeles, California, Elle B was saturated with music from the start. With a mother classically trained in singing, a brother in love with rock music, and a father playing songs from Manhattan Transfer to James Brown, Elle B was surrounded by a family with strong musical inclinations. Elle B herself grew to cherish music, and would eventually harbor a passion for funk, melody, and futuristic production.

Having been exposed to a great deal of diversity and culture in her youth, Elle B continues to weave together strings of different types of music to create a new and cohesive sound. Elle B was accepted to the University of Southern California for a program involving jazz voice and the music industry, but would go on to obtain a degree with a major in political science and a minor in law and public policy. Today, however, she’s returned to her initial passion: singing.

The Music Behind the Story

Heavily influenced by her appreciation for an expansive array of music, Elle B combines thematic elements from different cultures and traditions from around the world; therefore her music generates a genre unto itself, aptly named “World Pop.” Having loved everything from Michael Jackson and Blackstreet to Crystal Lewis and Gladys Knight, Elle B leaves no musical stone unturned when she creates her own sound. Still fond of funky music with awe-inspiring vocals, Elle B combines her personal sound with that of the world that she has traveled and loved. In that way, Elle B’s “World Pop” finds its way back to the people who originally inspired it.

The Noire EP Release

While Elle B’s discography currently includes The Elle B EP (2009) and Until the Light of Day (2011), the newest release is that of the Noire EP (2016), available on iTunes starting April 8. Having only just been introduced to the world on March 29, Noire is a fresh new take on Elle B’s current work and passion. The songs include outrageously catchy tunes like “Death in Rio” and “Giant” and fuse styles like reggae, R&B, and electro soul to Elle B’s rich vocals. Each song is influenced by her experiences in various countries, ranging from Ethiopia to London. “Noire” is French for “black,” and the Noire EP seeks to invite listeners to embrace the bad as the good in their lives, and to recognize and appreciate opposites combining to achieve the ideal balance.

Experience Elle B

Inspired at the age of 13 by Ben Vereen performing “The Impossible Dream,” Elle B has ever since sought to move her listeners through powerful songs and to establish the fact that, after all, we’re all people. To experience Elle B for yourself, visit the Noire website here or take a look at her Facebook page here. A real woman creating music for real people, Elle B will quickly find her way into your musical preferences, and you won’t soon forget her clever blending of cultural styles into the addicting concoction that is her “World Pop.”

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