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Intro to Rugged Material: Quality Leather and Waxed Canvas

Editorial Staff

We are makers of Premium Quality leather and waxed-canvas goods. We focus on simplicity, functionality and reliability. Our products are covered by a no hassle Lifetime Guarantee

We take a Direct-Sales approach to marketing in order to allow more people the experience of owning something that lasts a lifetime.

We design and produce all our products in Cedar City, Utah.

“I Grew up in a family of Horsemen. It was because of my father and grandfather that I learned about the beauty and versatility of leather. Both of them still use saddles that were made around the year 1900. While in college I searched for a few years to find a bag with the same reliability as those saddles. What I found was prices from $600 on up. So I made my own and realized they didn’t have to cost that much! My mission is to bring that kind of Quality and Value back within reach!” -Rugged Material Founder Tyler Condie

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