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"In God We Trust" remains nation's motto

Janelle Vreeland

"In God We Trust" on a $20 bill

“In God We Trust” passed as resolution

The House has passed a resolution confirming “In God We Trust” as the nation’s official motto.

The New York Times reports that the House voted on the resolution which reaffirmed “In God We Trust” as the motto of the U.S. The resolution was passed to clear up confusion over the motto’s status. It was also created to encourage public insitutions to display “In God We Trust,” says Representative J. Randy Forbes.

The resolution passed 396 to 9, but some challenged the resolution, saying it was not a concern that needed to be addressed. 

“Why are my Republican friends returning to an irrelevant agenda?” Representative Jerrold Nadler argued on Tuesday. “The national motto is not in danger. No one here is suggesting we get rid of it. It appears on our money, it appears in this chamber above your head, it appears in the Capitol Visitors’ Center, all over the place.”

The argument referred to House majority leader Eric Cantor who had previously vowed to prevent votes on measure that are not “substantive and meaningful.”

Read more about the “In God We Trust” resolution here.

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