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Illinois state lawmaker goes on a tirade

Jennifer Dimaano

Illinois State flag

The age old tale of Democrat vs. Republican

Illinois Republican lawmaker, Mike Bost, exploded on the statehouse floor on Tuesday going off in a tirade of his disapproval of the Democratic-led pension.

Bost tossed a copy of the pension reform in air, complaining the bill arrived on the floor before lawmakers could read it.

“These damn bills that come out here all the damn time, come out here at the last second! I’ve got to try to figure out how to vote for my people? You should be ashamed of yourselves!”

The bill Bost disapproved of, Senate Bill 1673, which shifted state pension costs from Chicago residents to downstate districts, which many Republicans oppose of.

Bost goes onto exclaiming—mainly directing it to Democratic House speaker Micheal Madigan—“Every year! We give power to one person! It was not made that way in the Constitution! He was around when it was written! Now we give him—we’ve passed rules that stop each one of us! Enough! I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt! Let my people go!”

After the rant, Bost was seen slapping the microphone away and slumping in his chair.

Apparently after the tirade, many Democrats—Chicago Democrats included—approached Bost to complain about Madigan.

“When I left the floor, many Democrats from around the state, even Chicago Democrats, came in and said, ‘We want to say this but we can’t, because such power controls their elections,” Bost revealed in an interview to WLS radio.

The proposal is being debated today on House floor, and passage is considered a long shot, according to CBS Chicago.

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