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If Apple designed a Selfie Stick, It Would be This

Editorial Staff

The Smart iReach is perfect for college students

You will never guess all of the stuff this Selfie Stick can do!

Let’s face it: your best times will likely be the crazy, fun and cool experiences that you have at school with a group of college friends. From the sorority function or frat party …to hours of tailgating …to that wild Halloween party (on or off campus) …to Parents’ Weekend and Homecoming, the Smart iReach is the #1 way to capture all those moments with the style you want and the portability you need!

When you’re out and about, it’s inevitable you’re going to snap a few photos from your phone.  But the challenge is that not everyone or everything can fit into the group selfie. That’s where the newest, cutting edge gadget comes into play: the Smart iReach is among the only US designed, Bluetooth enabled selfie stick that is actually lightweight and easy to use.  No apps to download and no more waiting on the tedious self timer (who’s got time to wait?) The Smart iReach differs from anything you’ve ever seen because it actually LOOKS different, pairs with your iPhone or Android phone quickly and weighs less than 6 ounces. It collapses down to about only 8”— the most portable selfie stick ever made and perfect for your backpack.  It’s in a “class” by itself! (We know..bad pun).

Since carbon fiber was used instead of the unsightly “golf club-like” aluminum that you see on the cheap alternatives, it’s stronger, lighter and much cooler looking.  The ergonomic handle gives you a sturdy grip and the Smart iReach has two positions for easy use:  one fully collapsed for close ups/small groups and fully extended for big group photos and background shots. The camera button on the handle is super easy to press for consecutive shots to get the best photo in seconds. Bonus:  it’s Snapchat compatible for your photos!

The founders made the Smart iReach with college students expressly in mind. In other words, it was designed and engineered it based upon feedback from people just like you—this is YOUR selfie stick, complete with the very things that the cheaply made models simply can’t provide. The founders said, “Before the selfie stick made it to the US, we were already innovating.  We asked ourselves ‘How would Apple re-imagine this aluminum monopod?’, then we got to work.”

But, let’s be honest…some of you may think the selfie sticks you have seen are just “not for you”.  (We understand.)  We know that even if you’re tempted to say “But I’m not a selfie person”, that’s OK.  This brand is truly changing the conversation from “selfies” to group photos, in addition to capturing more of what’s in the background.  For example, if you’re taking a group picture, that means that you’re not in it.  And if your friend’s taking the photo, now theyre not in it, so that’s not a good answer either!  So, don’t miss out on the coolest moments in college. Take the Smart iReach with you everywhere so you can get that amazing photo at the party with friends, that shot in front of the historic college building, the pic at the big event on the quad…you name it—the list of captured moments goes on and on!  So drop the cheap selfie stick and say hello to your smartphone’s new best friend, the Smart iReach! The only selfie stick that is as portable and as fashionable as your phone.

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