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How to find (and keep) a roommate

The best places to look for a roommate on or off campus

Any student who has lived on or near a college campus can tell you that rent is sometimes enough to break the bank. This is where a roommate can come in handy. Chances are the search for your perfect living partner will not be without its complications. But when it comes to finding the right place, and one you can afford, there is help available. Most major educational institutions offer some form of aid to the students in narrowing down the apartment hunt.

Online agencies can help as well. Many local Chicago students turn to aptandhomeseekers.com for assistance. You can also check out Roomster.com which allows you to sarch by city, town or college. These online services will help you to create personal profiles that will be matched up with others who have interests similar to yours.

Remember, once you have a roommate, be sure to keep the lines of communication open to avoid potential problems. The Web site seekroommates.com offers these tips for maintaining a healthy “roomie” relationship:

  • Discuss the potential areas of conflict.
  • Be open to compromise
  • Make a list of ground rules concerning such issues as music, smoking and visitors.
  • Express your feelings. If your roommate is doing something you don’t like, tell him or her about it. It’s usually better to air concerns immediately or petty grievances may grow into a major problem.
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