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Holiday fancy dress ideas

On the first day of Christmas, CN gave to me, holiday fancy dress!

We are so excited to kick-start our 12 days of Christmas with College News series this year and we’re doing so by offering up our holiday fancy dress ideas for that big party you’ve got coming up—let’s get started!

Christmas party

Do-it-yourself with your holiday fancy dress costume and make a homemade tree-inspired dress for festive party attire. Or, recycle the big boxes you used to move in to your dorm to create a Christmas present costume where you’re the surprise. If you don’t have a box, then just wrap yourself up with festive wrapping paper, secure a bow and you’re good to go.

Take inspiration from Disney’s hit movie, “Frozen”, and dress as Olaf for holiday fancy dress. For the snowman character, wear black jeans, boots and a white t-shirt attaching three big black cut-out circles—made from paper or felt—down the middle as buttons. Then accessorize with a small top hat and scarf. Or to sympathise with the literal nightmare of college work due in before Christmas, why not go to your holiday fancy dress party as the Grinch?

Keep people guessing as to which character you are at the party and think up clever costume ideas based on puns. Try “Holy Cow” and turn up in a cow animal costume with a halo accessory for your head. You could also keep it simple with the “Party Animals” pun. Attend the event in your usual outfit but pair it with cat ears and whiskers or any other animal you desire!

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New Years

Those following “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD) will be quite upset to see it come to an end after season eight. To pay homage to the ups and downs of Elena’s life—or any character on the show—use “The Vampire Diaries’” costume style as inspiration for upcoming masquerade-themed holiday fancy dress parties. Besides festive masquerade masks, guys should wear fitted suits and the ladies a little black dress.
New Year’s Eve celebrations this year will see a rise in 1920s themed parties (yay!). Choose from gorgeous flapper dresses and feathered headbands for the ladies and classy fedoras with an added waistcoat under a suit for the guys—cute and fun!

Valentine’s Day

If you need a quick last minute costume for Valentine’s 2017, then don’t fret. Take inspiration from “Pretty Little Liars” and recreate the romantic mysteriousness of The Girl in the Red Coat. Wear a red coat over your party outfit for a stylish yet warm way to enter the party. If goofy Valentine’s day costumes are more your thing, dress as Cupid for your holiday fancy dress and go pair up some couples in 2017!

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