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Harrison Ford Crashes Small Plane in Golf Course

Ellen Zacarias

Harrison Ford

Engine Failure Forces Real-Life Daredevil to Make Emergency Crash Landing

Harrison Ford, the 72-year-old actor known for his roles as the ruggedly-handsome Indiana Jones and Han Solo in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars film franchises, was hospitalized on Thursday afternoon after a small plane that he was piloting crashed into the Penmar Golf Course in Venice, Califonia. 

Cause of the plane crash? Engine problems in the single-engine vintage World War II military trainer plane emerged during takeoff and eventually, a complete engine failure forced Harrison Ford to make an emergency landing in a golf course. 

According to Assistant Chief Patrick Butler of the Los Angeles Fire Department, Harrison Ford suffered moderate trauma but was in fair to moderate condition.

Ben Ford, the son of Harrison Ford, posted on Twitter regarding his dad’s condition:


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