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Happy Plugs in-ear headphones bring swedish design for an affordable price

Editorial Staff

Sound quality is more than ideal but call features need work


When it seems like a new smart phone or tablet is being made as often as a baby is being born, it is important to also have top-notch accessories to accent these new devices. The Swedish-designed Happy Plugs earphones keep you covered with an assortment of earplugs that will tickle the fancy of any tech geek.

If you are like me, then you are constantly trying to find in-ear earplugs that will actually stay in my ear. I have extra-small ears, so it is really hard to find a comfortable in-ear earplug that won’t flop out of my ear with even the slightest head movement. Happy Plugs understands this unfortunate dilemma, as their in-ear earphones comes with average sized eartips on the earphones, but they also come with extra eartips that come in both small and large.

Happy Plugs in-ears also come with a microphone and a remote built in so you can also use these earphones as a headset for your smartphone. If you get a phone-call while jamming to your tunes, one click on the remote located towards the middle of the earphone wires and you will be answer the call. Another click ends the call and holding the click down ignores the call.

Calls with the headphones, come in clear on both ends, however sometimes people on the other end are not able to hear you at all and the headset has to be taken off. The remote can also be used to navigate through songs. One click will play the song and two clicks will skip a song. Three clicks will skip to the previous track. This feature does not work with music apps and will only work with songs that are stored on your phone’s SD card.

The headphones do pack a punch for a simple in-ear. For the affordable price of $34.99, these earphones pump out bass and cancels out most surrounding noises when turned up to volume. The sound quality is definitely reminiscent of something twice its retail price.

The in-ears come in an assortment of colors, such as orange, red. pink, turquoise, cerise, silver, gold and many more. 

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