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A great excuse to drink on a Tuesday… Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day – one of those strange days that started as a religious holiday to observe the death of a Saint  and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and evolved into a day to pretend you’re Irish, stuff yourself on corned beef, and get sloshed on green drinks.

Whether you’ve been planning your St.Patty’s Festivities since March 18th, 2014 or you’re just getting it into your head that this day is tomorrow and you may like to contribute to this day of debauchery, College News has got you covered.

First of all, you’ve at least got to have some great drinks. Before we dive into the hard stuff, it’s important to incorporate a virgin option. Consider adding a special mocktail so that the DDs don’t feel left out. Try a virgin martini or a fun punch bowl.

Now, on to the party options! For festive drinks on a budget, you can just add a small drop of food coloring to a glass of light colored beer, and “voila!” green beer. This makes a great option for beer pong as well, especially if you use clear plastic cups to show off your concoction! For a cheap option on hard alcohol, opt for clear choices like silver tequila or vodka and add couple drops of green food coloring to each bottle. Take your St. Patty’s day gaming to the next level with a round of Shot Potato or Irish Kisses.

If you’re looking to get crafty with your cocktails. there are a plethora of tasty options, from classic to exotic.

The crafty shot: Baby Guiness

The drop n’ drink: Irish Car Bomb

Beer Cocktail: Black and Tan

Find more awesome St. Paddy’s Day drinks at or more green drinks at

To balance out that alcohol and make sure people don’t get too sloshed too fast, and to add to the festivities, you should probably include some food. If you happen to have the day off and you’re feeling ambitious, try to go for a whole traditional Irish spread: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and soda bread. If you’re feeling extra fancy, try out this modern Irish menu from Chef Cathal Armstrong.

Have a fun St. Patrick’s Day tradition that we missed? Share it in the comments below!

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