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Gasp! A New Year’s Resolution Success Story

Jalesa Hall

Poppy Dinsey

For all you non-believers, there are success stories out there

We rarely see the completion of a New Year’s resolution. Let’s face it, we write it down or simply make a promise to ourselves, then somewhere along the line, usually by Valentine’s Day, it has gone out of sight and out of mind.

Tips on keeping them seem to work, but around April, your support system has given up on you and you seem to have misplaced the paper with the several resolutions on it.

While this might discourage the average person, there is hope for those of us that want to try really, really hard to keep our resolutions this year. So relax, because there is a chance to make good of a tradition that has been around since Ancient Rome. One woman managed to combine a closet full of clothes and a promise to herself to accomplish her New Year’s resolution.   

What started off as a simple New Year’s resolution to wear everything in her closet, because she was tired of complaining about having nothing to wear, has exploded into a website, iPhone App, thousands of followers and media coverage for Poppy Dinsey.

Dinsey is a 20-something English girl whose blog “What I Wore Today” showcases her outfit every day. Just recently, she began allowing her followers to upload outfits of their own. When asked about what type of motivation it takes to keep up a New Year’s resolution, she said, “I think you have to really want to meet the goals of the resolution in the first place. They need to be realistic goals! It definitely helps to share your resolution, because mine was so public I had to keep it up – that kind of pressure can really keep you on track.”

You may not want to make all of your New Year’s resolutions public but motivating yourself is a key element. Keep these helpful tips in mind when trying to achieve your New Year’s resolution:

• Remind yourself that you can accomplish this
• Reward yourself for small and major accomplishments towards the goal
• And if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

Check out Poppy Dinsey’s site here:

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