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Gary Carter's latest MRI reveals new brain tumors

Editorial Staff

Gary Carter

Gary Carter was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year

Gary Carter’s latest MRI has revealed more bad news for the Baseball Hall of Famer.

Carter’s daughter Kimmy Carter Bloemers detailed his struggle on her blog.

Friday, dad got two MRIs in North Palm Beach, Florida…one for his brain and the other for his shoulder/arm. The results of the shoulder MRI were revealed later that afternoon. Unfortunately, with the combination of his fall on Christmas Eve and the fall on Thursday (plus probably years of baseball), he completely tore his rotator cuff. It is very painful and needs surgery, but all dad can do right now is rehab to heal.

Dr. V told my mom that there are now several new spots/tumors on my dad’s brain. I write these words with tears because I am so sad for my dad. Dr. Jimmy Harris will be coming to my parent’s house this evening to talk to the family about the next step. I will continue to keep you all updated. Love to everyone and thank you for the prayers.

Carter was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year.

Read more about Gary Carter’s struggle here.

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