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Gamerator: Meet your ultimate beer-fridge gaming machine

Jason Evangelho

The most amazing combination of alcohol and video games

We’re not sure whether to obnoxiously high-five the nearest body or weep with joy at the sight of this beautiful creation. It’s called The Gamerator, and it’s the most superb combination of alcohol and video games we’ve ever seen.

Conceived by Jaime Mather and the geniuses at Custom Bar Guys, this arcade cabinet is hand-built with a refrigerated interior roomy enough to fit a standard pony keg. The exterior is a sleek brushed aluminum and black (although the guys are apparently happy to create one with any custom two-color scheme), and it comes off the assembly line with cup holders, a 26-inch flat panel HDTV, dual joystick and trackball setups, and a generous assortment of 85 classic arcade games including the likes of Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition, Space Invaders and Contra. These aren’t MAME versions but commercially purchased collections.

“Gamerator is the best of both worlds, bringing two of life’s greatest joys together in an awesome way,” Mather told us. “We strived to create a high-end product that uses top quality materials and equipment. We achieve that by custom building each unit by hand and in doing so, we believe the Gamerator is the greatest fusion of beer and gaming ever!”

Don’t worry, Jaime, we wholeheartedly agree.

What we appreciate most about the Gamerator is that arcade enthusiasts aren’t restricted to the included games (which, for copyright buffs, are fully licensed versions). You’ll be able to attach pretty much any modern console via special adapters. It also comes with Windows XP (along with a wireless adapter and a roomy hard drive) allowing emulation fans to install virtually any game they can dream up.

The price tag is much more difficult to swallow than that chilled brew. At $3,499 this luxury doesn’t come cheap, but for what’s included it’s actually quite reasonable. We’ll take three, please.

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