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Four Fabulous Tips for Wearing your Jewelry Inspired Temporary Tattoos

Editorial Staff

Bling tattoos are the hottest new trend

Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo or an additional tattoo if you already have one? Normally getting a tattoo is a long term commitment. However, now with the newest version of temporary tattoos available for purchase online you can indulge in the look and fun of having a tattoo and not have to commit permanently!

These tattoos last from four days up to about a week and can be worn while bathing or swimming.  You can find them for purchase from some online retailers.  Bling Tattoos is a popular brand because of their high quality and great prices.  Below are some tips to help you get the most out of your Temporary Jewelry Tattoos.

1.       Layer Bling Tattoos with Real Jewelry

The more Bling the better!  Mix & Match Gold and Silver Bling Tattoo Bracelets with some other real bracelets.  If you are layering with real bracelets you can place your temporary tattoo bracelets up higher on your arm so your other bracelets do not cover them up.  Your temporary tattoo necklaces will also look gorgeous layered with a long gold or silver chain necklace.

2.       Add in some Bling Tattoos for a Girls Night Out

A Girls night out is a great opportunity to show your fun side with some extra bling.  Be creative and place them strategically based on your outfit for the evening. Do you have a cut out shoulder top you want to wear?  Place a Bling Tattoo on your shoulder and let it be framed by your top.   Are you going to wear an outfit that shows your belly button?  Place some cool gold or silver metallic temporary tattoos around your belly button.  

3.       Wear Bling Tattoos at the Beach or Pool

Are you going on vacation or going to be at the pool or beach?  These places are some of the best places to sport some of your temporary tattoos for a few reasons.  First, since you will either be in your bikini or swimsuit you will have a lot of skin available to bling up!  Second, the water-proof feature of Bling Tattoos allow you to have a good time in the water with extra style.  Finally, hopefully while at the beach or pool there will be SUN that will help your temporary tattoos sparkle and shimmer even more!

5.       Pair your Bling Tattoos with Evening Wear

For a red carpet look you can pair your temporary metallic tattoos with your one of your favorite cocktail dresses.   For this look we recommend just using a few temporary tattoos in combination with your other jewelry and your dress. Using just a few Bling Tattoos instead of a lot will enhance your red carpet look and not over power it. Perhaps you will want to slip into your favorite little black dress and then have a friend help you place a gorgeous line of a silver patterned temporary metallic tattoo down your back?  Then add a silver and gold two-tone temporary tattoo bracelet and one or two other pieces of your favorite decorative jewelry to complete this multi-dimensional look? There are so many ways you can mix and match your look with your Bling Tattoos for a classy evening out.

We hope we have given you some fun ideas for you to pump up your style with some sensational metallic temporary tattoos.  Check out to see the various collections available.  College News readers can get 20% off their entire purchase at Bling Tattoos by using coupon code CN20.  

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