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Five Ways to Overcome Morning Blues

Editorial Staff

Don't keep pushing the snooze, follow these tips

Mornings can be horrible, but with these tips you can get through

By Jillian Petrova

Being an early bird must be a blessing. Unfortunately, for night owls, the system is suited to morning people with morning smiles even on a miserable Monday. Me, I just hate mornings. Sometimes, I hate them so much that I hate my alarm clock for doing its duty. I’ve thrown one across the room and regretted the act later. Fortunately, the modern version of my alarm clocks are precious possessions I couldn’t live without—something I would think twice about before throwing and shattering the screen of.

After countless miserable mornings, warnings at work, missed meetings and what not, I felt the need to take action. I had to rid myself of my morning blues and I had to do it fast. Mornings were ruining my life. Mary Engelbreit says, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it”.

Clearly, I couldn’t “change” the system or mornings. What I could change, however, was the way I thought about mornings. That’s when I decided to embrace mornings and overcome my morning blues. Here’s what worked for me.

  1. Yoga Poses: Believe it or not, yoga is a blues buster! It help to wake up in the morning (given you’re past the “waking up” part) and start stretching first thing. Try out several yoga poses and see what works for you. The Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall pose), half moon pose, downward facing dog pose, wide legged forward bend, and the locust pose are to name a few are great blue busters. Through stretching, controlled breathing, low blood pressure, and improved heart function, yoga helps heal the negative attitude.
  2. Prepare for Mondays on Friday: Don’t procrastinate the worst of your work for next week, particularly for a Monday. Mondays are naturally stressful for most people because they have to jump right back to work after a pleasant weekend. The best way to beat Monday morning blues is by leaving less difficult tasks and getting them done and be over with by Friday afternoon. Even if you can’t do the work on your own on time, you can always look for a writing service to help in coursework.
  3. Make Your Work a Better Place to Be: For this, you need to ask yourself whether or not you like your work. Chances are that you hate mornings because you’re dreading the load of tasks pending on your to-do list. Find the root of your problem. It may be that you hate your work because it’s not suited to your personality. Possibly, you don’t find the work challenging. Or perhaps, it is overwhelming and you would like something less demanding. Figure the root of your problem, and if need be, change it!
  4. Get out of the “Living for the Weekend” mindset: Some say it’s good to embrace the “living for the weekend” mindset where you tend to make most out of it by packing a load of fun and fulfilling activities. I say, this only makes you hate your work week and mornings more because you haven’t gotten enough out of your weekend—which is usually the case.
  5. Treat Yo’ Self:  What kills your profound laziness like no other job can? Okay, don’t hate me for using the word, “job”. But what I meant was an invigorating activity that pumps you up and opens up your eyes. Treat yourself with your most favorite, exciting, or invigorating activity every time you rise and shine.  

For me, it was an early morning job around the block. For many others, the most exciting activity that will force them to look forward to their morning could be it could something as simple taking a hot bubble bath, a brilliant breakfast at their favorite café, or even shopping!

Jillian Petrova is a manager at an online firm specializing in monitoring social trends and penetrating lead funnels. When not working, she loves to blog on women empowerment and career.

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