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Five unusual careers for college grads

Editorial Staff

Talk like a Klingon!

Check out these unconvential jobs that might be right up your alley

Are you confused about your career path? Or do you find yourself dreading the 9-5 workday? Check out these unusual jobs that you can score with a college degree.

1. Conlinguist. What do films like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Star Trek have in common? Aside from being science fiction cult classics, these series have cemented their legendary status with their own languages. A Conlinguist’s job is to create these languages. Unlike real-life languages, which are derived from ancient languages and have evolved over time, the Conlinguist is required to construct a language from scratch– which is a pretty difficult task. So if you like to creep out your friends with your impressive knowledge of Klingon, the conlinguistics career might be right up your alley. Conlinguists should have some knowledge in the structure of languages. A degree in linguistics, English, or a foreign language is key. Check out this Facebook group on Conlinguistics.

2. Professional Hacker. Legally hacking into other people’s computers? It might sound too good to be true, but professional hackers are a valuable asset to the government or the private companies that hire them. It doesn’t hurt that this position has the potential to make a lot of money– up to seven figures a year. Get started in professional hacking by studying Computer Science or Information technology. Information on professional hacking is difficult to find due to the anonymity of the job, but here’s a very witty and interesting interview regarding the job description. It turns out “hacker” is an insulting title!

3. Image Consultant. Image Consulting is a booming industry, even in the unfortunate economy. Their job is to enhance a client’s image in a variety of ways. They may use color analysis to determine which colors look best on a client, or sign the client up for speech training to eliminate a dialect accent. Although image consulting might seem like something that doesn’t exist outside the 90210 zip code, work places turn to image consultants to improve their business look. An eye for fashion and good advice-giving skills are musts, but plenty of people can claim these skills. The key to becoming a successful and standout image consultant is to have as many credentials as possible. An increasing number of organizations are offering Image Consulting certification. In addition to being certified, a college degree in a related field will appeal to potential clients. Fashion merchandising, art or even hospitality will set you apart from the pack.

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