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Finding a job after college

Janelle Vreeland

How to find a job and navigate the career world after graduation

Finding a job after college can be a tricky feat, but don’t get discouraged. If you keep these solid tips in mind, a successful entry-level job is waiting for you.  It’s all about knowing who you are and what interests line up with your personality. 

Take a career test

Everyone has interests and passions in life.  If you haven’t made a career choice, a career/personality test will help with finding a job after college because it will show you what you want to do. If you can take this test before you choose your college major, you can customize your degree exactly for what you want to do. According to, “A Career Test is a tool that is designed to help you discover which careers are a good fit for you.”

Where to find jobs

Graduating soon? It’s time to find and apply for jobs.  Online job sites are a great source for finding a job after college, but they’re not the only sources. According to, “Even today with so many employment websites ready to assist you, 80-90 percent or more of all hires comes through other means—specifically, personally referrals and networking.”  Job fairs in your field and online community websites are other helpful ways to meet people directly, network and  be aware of  jobs available in your industry. 

Prepare to apply/create a portfolio

When you are ready to apply to a company of your choice, be sure to research the company.  It would be beneficial for you to understand the job and company so well that you’re practically interviewing the interviewer, impressing them with all the knowledge and understanding you have about the entry-level job and the company. Making a portfolio (no matter what industry your want to enter) is a great way to show the company you have already done what they are asking a potential employer to do and you’ve done it right.

Remember that finding a job after college is a full time job itself and you shouldn’t give up. If you can convince your future employers you are an asset to the company, you will be.

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