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Find Your Focus with Adrenal & Focus Blend

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Coach shouts, “FOCUS!” You’ve gotta be laser sharp… undistracted… totally in the moment… “MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!” Your adrenaline is pumping, your awareness sharpens, you’re ‘IN THE ZONE.’  The game has begun!

Whether on the field or in the bleachers, you give your all to your sports. …And to everything you do, for that matter. So how do you keep your edge and focus on the field or in the classroom?

If your life is hard driving and hard hitting, whether it’s balls or books, Adrenal & Focus Blend is for you! Made with herbs that help support your adrenal glands, (that’s where all that adrenaline comes from), and that help you get and keep your focus, Adrenal & Focus Blend is all natural, with no artificial additives, preservatives, chemicals, or any of those non-natural ingredients that other stuff is made of.

You care what you put in your body and you know that for your body and mind to be at peak performance, you can’t take just anything. Here’s where herbs by Cedar Bear come in. First, they’re a concentrated liquid. That way they go to work immediately and there are no nasty pills or powders to choke down. Second, they’re made from herbs that help your body build, balance, and sustain the health and energy you need to keep up your active life. Third, they’re concentrated, easy to use, and taste good, too! Put them in your health smoothie or protein shake, in your water bottle, or take them with you to use wherever you are during the day. It’s okay, whatever the temperature, they can take the heat!

Don’t put artificial anything in your body! Go natural with herbs! Herbs are Nature’s Remedies that have been used for centuries all over the world for all kinds of health needs. At Cedar Bear, we work hard to make sure you are getting only the best and purest ingredients. And whatever your health need is, we have an herb for that!

More About Cedar Bear Herbs

Cedar Bear’s liquid herbal glycerin tinctures, both complex formulas and single herbs, are great tasting and are extremely high quality. They are made without alcohol, (which makes the herbs not work as well), and if you have ever used regular herbal tinctures, you know how awful many of them taste.

All Cedar Bear products are in liquid form, (basically a concentrated herbal tea), because liquid is the best way to take herbs as dietary supplements and the body is able to put them to use immediately. Pills, powders and capsules have to be digested first. That not only slows their effectiveness down, but often they aren’t digested or utilized at all. That can be a lot of money you literally ‘flush down the toilet’ and that doesn’t do you or your pocketbook any good!

Cedar Bear herbs are easy to carry with you. Use them as your ‘herbs on the go.’ They don’t need refrigerating, can handle heat and cold, and travel very well.

All Cedar Bear products are inherently alcohol-free, gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free, and GMO-free, so you don’t have to worry about your major food allergies or sensitivities. Cedar Bear also uses strict guidelines for herb sourcing, and uses Certified Organic herbs when available. The proprietary process Cedar Bear uses has a low carbon footprint, is very green friendly, and all products are made in the U.S.A., so you can feel good about choosing Cedar Bear herbs for your personal health support.

To build your hard working adrenal system and your mental focus, add Adrenal & Focus Blend to your daily routine, along with eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, drinking several glasses of pure water each day, and trying your best to get a good night’s sleep. Adrenal & Focus Blend also helps soothe overstressed nerves so you can have the nerves of steel you need for your active life, bringing everything into better focus!

So, when your Coach shouts “FOCUS!”, you’ve already got that play in motion with Adrenal & Focus Blend by Cedar Bear Liquid Herbs.

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