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Feeling bold? Pull out your brightest red heels

So here is a quick tidbit about red shoes – especially heels. First off, if you don’t have any (which you already should) then go out and get a pair, but when you do, make sure they are loud. And I mean overtly loud and obvious to the point of being distracting. Why? Because red is the color of power that can make any outfit pop, while hinting at your bold and fun personality.

But as always in fashion, there is still the risk of becoming a fashion “Don’t.” In the case of red, too much is usually not a good thing. There are a few out there who could pull it off without looking like a humanized stop sign, but not many.

Often, it is best to pair red shoes with a totally different hue, keeping it more monotonous and dark. For example, wear black pants and a black shirt with firey red. 

For ladies, red lipstick (or a color reminiscent of it) with your little black dress, or casual dark attire with animal prints, and your choice of accessories can match well for a sophisticated and edgy look.

End result: You will rock in red.

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