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Fall Accessories for the Alt-Girl

Jess Smith

Alternative fashion is dominating the popular aesthetic this year

When you have an excess of piercings, tattoos, or multi-colored hair, the right accessories are vital to truly compliment your look. These days alternative girls are winning, with more and more people dyeing their hair pastel colors or rocking a septum piercing. What people forget is that wearing the wrong accessories can make your alternative style appear tacky or concentrated. Here are some tips on how to perfectly accent your unique style.

Thigh-High Socks

High socks cannot only give your outfit a distinct look, but it can add increased warmth to a fall outfit. Earth-toned high socks paired with a long sleeved dress or even over a pair of tights, can create an extremely trendy appearance. Not to mention that if you have any thigh tattoos, high socks can compliment them very nicely.

A Statement Headband

A unique headband is easy to throw on and can save a negative hair day from going bad to worse. Flower crowns have been dominating the music festival scene and have been translating into everyday wear for many fashionistas. Flower headbands often look good with muted pastel hair colors, such as lilac or light blue, but with bolder hair colors, you might want to try a headband that isn’t so boisterous. A nice Laurel Leaf headband will give you an extremely unique Greek style.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are not only durable, but they have the ability to be both rugged and sophisticated. Combat boots, more specifically Doc Martens, can be paired together with everything from leggings to a dress. Mixing feminine with masculine creates a unique balance that fits perfectly with an alternative style.

A Rebellious Bag

Purses always seem to have a softer or glamorous look to them, since they are often one of the most important accessories to a woman’s wardrobe. However, getting a bag that goes against the grain, can really pack a punch when it comes to really digging deep into your personal style. Getting a floral bag and adding spikes and studs can really switch up the “girly” look of a purse. If you want to be more practical or get your back-to-school swag on, an acid-washed or leather backpack cannot only be smart, but it can also be an amazing addition to any outfit.

Gold Body Jewelry

Gold is making a comeback with the runway being laden with gold accessories Most body jewelry worn for piercings are sterling silver, however very few consider wearing gold body jewelry opposed to silver. Gold body jewelry is unique even in the alternative world and can add certain classiness to your piercings, especially nostril or septum piercings.

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