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Facebook’s IPO to surpass Google

Jennifer Dimaano

Facebook Logo

The highly anticipated Facebook IPO is expected to reach a general revenue of $96 billion.

Facebook is going public and selling about 337.4 million shares at a price range of $28 to $35 each, which would raise the company’s net worth as high as $96 billion. Google holds the record for highest IPO for an internet company in 2004 when it first went public for about $23 billion.

Facebook’s IPO will set Mark Zuckerburg to be the richest and youngest billionaire surpassing those in his ranks that are twice his age. As well as set Facebook to be one of the top 25 IPOs, in competing ranks with Kraft Food Inc. and Ford Motor Company. 

Facebook is expected to set out May 18 to kick-off the IPO road show.

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