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Facebook + Music = "Listen With" feature

Jalesa Hall

People dancing

Now, courtesy of Spotify, users of Facebook can listen to songs with their friends.

Facebook has launched a new feature that allows a user to listen to music along with their friends.
For example, if a friend is listening to Jay-Z via Spotify, clicking on the “Listen With” button will allow you to listen with them.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said, “Being able to click on someone’s music and play it it’s a great experience, but knowing that you helped a friend discover something new is awesome.”

Creating somewhat of a big dance party, the “Listen With” feature also allows other friends to listen in and chat.

To keep up with privacy issues, Facebook gives the option of choosing who you  share your listening activity with. So someone that can’t see your listening activity won’t be able to see that you are listening with a friend.

According to Facebook, “You can control privacy settings in music apps when you install the app or on your App Settings page after you’ve installed the app. You can also remove songs you listened to from your timeline on your private activity log.”

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