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Facebook couples page not a hit

Jill Treacy

Facebook couples page angers many

Many feel Facebook has gone a little too far with the new page


Facebook couples are getting their own page now, similar to the friendship pages that Facebook created two years ago. The Facebook couples page displays photos, posts and events shared between the two lovebirds, and even though users may have the option of hiding relationship status information from profiles, they do not necessarily have that option when it comes to the new couples’ page. While it’s not an invasion of privacy because all information used is provided by the Facebook users themselves, the new arrangement is not sitting well with users who are Facebook couples.

“Mr. Zuckerberg: by all means keep giving people new tools—as you did when you created Facebook,” writes Emma Barnett, editor at The Telegraph, of the new Facebook couples page. “But when you start doing things for us—the experience is anything but social or remotely positive. You have infantilized my relationship for me with the creation of Only I should get to do that. And you may have just forced me, a newlywed, to finally take the plunge and break up with my husband on Facebook.”

Blogger Jennifer Wright simply wrote, “I want to vomit.” Wright states that while people are in relationships they are still individuals and shouldn’t have “to combine your entire identities onto one page.”

While friendship pages exist, showcasing the Facebook history of two friends, the main difference between the friendship page and the Facebook couples page is that the latter has an actual Internet address.

In another fun twist, it seems as though the only way to not have a Facebook couples page is to completely delete the relationship altogether. If deleting it all together seems extreme, it is possible to control the content on the page by deleting posts or untagging yourself from photos that may appear on the relationship profile.

One question though, what does an “it’s complicated” Facebook couples page look like?

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