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Exploring Campus

If you thought your high school grounds were huge, you obviously haven’t been on a college campus yet. College feels like a small city of its own and navigating your way around it can be quite daunting—particularly when you’ve noticed that two consecutive classes are at opposite ends. We’ve compiled a list of must-dos when it comes to getting around campus.


Paper maps may seem out-of-date but google maps can’t help you with this one. Each college faculty will have a stock piled high of campus maps for students, so take advantage of these. Consider taking a day before classes begin to work your way around campus grounds and get to grips with the map. Mark in color pen the buildings you will be spending the most time in.

Memorize landmarks

When exploring your new campus, you’ll probably notice that there are some art statues, car parks or quirky buildings plotted about. These are “landmarks” and it’s these memorable features that will stick in your mind way before you know your route like the back of your hand. When you find the buildings your classes take place in, take note of the closest “landmark” and write this down on your map. If all else fails when you’re running late to class—hunt down the landmark!

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Public transport

College campus’ are generally well equipped with public transport that caters to students—meaning, they’re a cheaper and safer means of transport. Routes to any major town or city will be marked out with the associated bus best to use. Because these buses cater to students, they will run in to the early hours of the morning, delivering you straight back to campus grounds after a big night out. Head to the college reception desk to grab a timetable and tuck it in to your organizer for the rest of the year.

Join a club based on campus

One of the great things about campus life is the countless clubs, sports groups and societies you can join. These are beneficial for numerous reasons but particularly for acquainting yourself with your new home. The first group get-together may be an orientation of the campus, or if it’s a sports group, perhaps a jogging lap of the same. Joining a club is also a great way to meet peers with similar interests to your own—a definite win-win situation.

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