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Esquoia: The Latest School Accessory

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What is Esquoia?

Esquoia is a novel notebook. It employs the necessary tweaks to improve handwriting experience and catch-up with rapid advancements otherwise happening in the world of technology. Computers and technology have advanced super fast, getting smarter and smaller. E-readers have even changed the way we read! On the other hand, it seems like the handwriting  experience  remains one small but vital area that stopped improving since the invention  of wood pulp paper a long time ago. With the Esquoia notebook, that’s no longer the case!

The product is inspired by whiteboard designs, bringing flexible whiteboard features to a single desk notebook. The specially designed paper is similar to laminated paper with a smooth surface. When written on the pages can easily be scrubbed clean with a pencil eraser, a napkin or even a wet cloth. And the unique binder design also enables pages to be taken out of one notebook and placed in another.

Why Use Esquoia?

The fine materials that pages and binding are made from ensure that it is durable. One can write, dry-erase and rewrite things multiple times! The notebook is created with the environmental  care in mind. It aims to reduce wood pulp paper waste and save the natural resources of trees.

Esquoia promotes the responsibility of learning and memorizing things at the moment of your work. Knowing that you will have to erase ideas and notes encourages learning without postponing.  We believe that Esquoia helps to improve learning and memory skills!

Advantages over a standard notebook:

•    Reusable. Write, dry-erase and rewrite things many times.

•    Effective. Erase unnecessary things instantly and re-draw.

•    Durable. Strong materials – use the same notebook for many years.

•    Customizable. Reposition pages fast; change rings and covers.

•    Printer-friendly. Make copies of a single sheet.

•    Environmentally friendly. Consume less paper for lengthy note making.


How the Name was derived?

The Sequoya (Esquoia, how we like to name them) is an amazing tree. In fact, its mind- blowing features inspired us to name our product after the tree. We think that the robustness  of  these  trees  reflects  the fact  that  our  notebooks  are  high  quality  and durable. Below you can find just a few fun facts about sequoya trees, but we encourage you  to  do  your  own  research  further  (hint:  perhaps  visiting  the  National  History Museum would help you)!

•    It might be the largest living organism on the planet.

•    The fibers that make up the tree’s extremely thick bark are fire resistant!

•    These trees can live up to around 3000 years.

•    They stood with dinosaurs. Dinosaurs vanished – sequoias survived.

Esquoia Team:

Our team of four started at a university. We have long been passionate about new things and enjoy creating new ideas and improving the surrounding environment in many different ways. We started from trying to make a change around the university campus. Once  we created  a project  of  tutoring  local  people  mathematics.  Local  families  and parents welcomed  this idea. As a group of young and enthusiastic  entrepreneurs  we strive to make a change towards a better future. We believe that Esquoia is a project that suits the needs of saving resources. It will help people and the environment.

For more information and online shop visit us at!

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