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Elmo arrested in Central Park

Scott Hixson

Elmo arrested for anti-Semitic tirade in Central Park

Apparently the furry exterior conceals a deep, dark secret

Elmo has been arrested and scheduled for a psychological evaluation following an incident in which the character went on an anti-Semitic tirade in Central Park.

Elmo was bonded out by Oscar the Grouch, who was NOT happy about it.

In all seriousness, and not to scare any childish readers, the real Elmo has not been arrested and still can be seen on Sesame Street free of any criminal misgivings. The Elmo in-question is a New York City impersonator who works the streets around Central Park posing for photographs and fishing for tips.

Apparently this particular Elmo impersonator, whose identity has not been revealed, is a big, furry red bigot as he is reportedly said to often spout racist nonsense while dressed as the beloved Sesame Street character.

The Elmo impersonator was removed from Central Park after it was reported he was making anti-Semitic statements to anyone that happened to cross his path. He was taken to Metropolitan Hospital Center for psychological evaluation.

Another Elmo impersonator, a Peruvian immigrant who also works the streets for photo opportunities identified as Luis said of the racist Elmo, “He would stop and say that we were all illegal immigrants and that people shouldn’t have their photos taken with us.”

Needless to say, Elmo impersonators and children alike are happy to see this fluffy terror taken off the streets, but what does Sesame Street have to say about all of this?

“The ‘Sesame Street’ Muppets are known the world over, and we do not condone unauthorized representations of our characters,” read a statement from a representative for the Sesame Street Workshop.

A short video of one of the Elmo impersonator’s tirades can be found on YouTube, here.

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