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Elevator falling leads to woman's death in New York

Jalesa Hall

Mahattan, New York

In an unfortunate event, a woman was killed after getting caught in an elevator.

An advertising executive got caught in the doors of a building’s elevator and was crushed to death.

Suzanne Hart was stepping onto the elevator at her Madison Avenue office building when she got caught in the door and was dragged by the elevator.

Two people were in the elevator watched Hart’s death were released from the elevator and then taken to the hospital to be evaluated for psychological trauma.

The incident happened Wednesday morning in the 26-story midtown Manhattan office. Hart worked for a advertising agency, Young & Rubicam.

Investigators are trying to determine what went wrong. Safety mechanisms are installed on elevators to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

According to the building department spokesman the elevator was last inspected in June and no issues were found. The elevator has since the incident been taken out of commission.

Y & R has decided to move their company’s headquarters, confirming that there had been a fatality but said nothing else.

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