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EA Access Won't Require Xbox Gold Subscription

Katy Hollingsworth

EA Access won’t require Xbox users to have access to all of Xbox’s online features, but it may result in some restrictions.

EA has clarified a couple of things to IGN in a statement regarding Xbox Gold.  EA explains that, 

“When it launches, any Xbox One gamer can join EA Access and take advantage of the benefits of membership. In order to connect to multiplayer gameplay on the Xbox One platform you will need a subscription to Xbox Gold.”

A somewhat refreshing statement from EA, and the service will launch soon on Xbox One. Four titles are available for the beta, including FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4. Memberships will be available through Xbox Live and through retailers like GameStop and online stores like Amazon.

Once the platform releases, games that will be eligible for the early access and save copy-over will include Madden 15 and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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