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Dorm room downers

How to transform a given space into your space

Aesthetics naturally draw your eye. They affect your mood, your feelings and your performance in daily life. Living in a space unappealing to your eye can have a huge effect of your day and over-all attitude. The initial dorm room décor is cold, and bare—and that appearance can have an effect on you! Leaving behind the comfortable enmities of home is tougher, so how can you improve your little given space and make it feel like yours?  Follow these DOs and DON’Ts of dorm transformations, to ensure limited damage—aesthetically or otherwise.

  • DO talk to you roommate and get a feel of his or her style. Two minds are always better than one when coming up with ideas. Plus, you have to live together for at least a semester, so avoid fights early.
  • DO try out in color with an area rug. Rugs are an easy way to make a room instantly feel less impersonal. Also, it is great for keeping the original carpet in good condition, or make a non-carpeted room a little warmer.
  • DO bring photos from home. Most rooms have bulletin boards permanently installed on the walls. Framed photos can add pizzazz or class to a room, depending on the style of frame. Also, photos are easy to switch out as you make new memories at school.
  • DO spend time choosing your bedding. You most likely will not be washing your sheets and comforter as much as mom wants, so pick something that is durable. Be sure to find out if your room has extra long beds, because you will need to find sheets especially to fit them. Bedding can be a personal and exciting way to express yourself and relax, especially after a long day of classes. 
  • DO feel free to bring in furniture. Just because your dorm comes with a chair for your desk does not mean you have to keep it! Find something comfy and stylish for those long nights typing at the computer and the weekends watching movies. Some dorms are even large enough for small sofas and futons. 
  • DO decorate the fridge. Magnets can be useful and decorative! Both your roommate and your personalities have a chance to be on display in this shared space. Don’t forget about run word-magnets either.
  • DO bring in some green. Plant can instantly bring life to a gray room. A simply potted plant or even some flowers will brighten the walls. And for those who are bad at watering, a cactus can have the same affect.
  • DO put up posters and tapestries. Look for places in your room that posters would not normally go, like inside a closet door, by the mirror or even on the ceiling.  Nontraditional places add more creativity to your space, opposed to the center of attention.

While decorating your new space, be sure to avoid these common pitfalls:

  • DON’T be invasive. Nails, tacks, and glues can really damage a room. Check with your Resident Assistant to find out what is allowed and what is not when it comes to decorating. Most schools allow poster-putty and 3m tape for wall hangings.
  • DON’T be a bossy roommate. Respect the everyone has different styles and be willing (and ready) to compromise.
  • DON’T use candles or incense. Forgetting about this flame could potentially cause a fire. Imagine how awful the damage could be!
  • DON’T go overboard. The best decorating is down with planning and taste for both men and women. Covering your walls in poster collages may be overwhelming for visitors and studying.

Taking time to create a room to boost your mood can ensure a home where you don’t actually mind sharing a bathroom. 

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