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Don't Be That Guy: Jocks N Tees Delivers Underwear and Socks To Your Door

Editorial Staff

Guys are guilty of something and most of them know it. The truth is that guys wear their underwear much past their useful life. They are generally not motivated to take the time to buy new underwear and would much rather spend their time shopping for much cooler things. This also applies to socks. They will spend hours online shopping for a new mountain bike, wireless speakers, the latest smart phone, their favorite player’s jersey or even a Corn Toss game set…but they can’t take a couple of minutes to get new underwear. Underwear, undershirts and socks are simply one of those things that you get as a gift from your parents or grandparents. When parents give that gift, they know that you can definitely use them and they are giving something with which their kids can’t get into too much trouble. They want to “make sure you are wearing clean underwear” in case anything happens now that you have left the nest. There are definitely plenty of situations, other than a car wreck or getting arrested, where you could get caught with old underwear and wish you had newer ones on. You could be swimming or hitting the hot tub (unless you wanna go “commando”), finally getting a date with that cute girl, heading to the shower down the hall or having to roll downstairs in the middle of the night because some idiot thought it would be funny to pull the fire alarm at 4 AM. What is even worse is if you are rockin’ that b-boy look by cruising around with your pants “sagging” and your underwear looks like you stole them from a bum. Seriously…don’t be “that guy”.

Now you know that if you go and ask your parents for a beer funnel or a game console, they are going to give you a hard time about how they are paying good money for you to be studying and not clowning around. You also know that underwear, undershirts and socks are a gift that they would definitely buy you. There is a solution for this. Check out They have major brands and styles of underwear, undershirts and socks and not just your grandfather’s “tighty whities”. The best part about JocksNtees is that if someone wants to get this as a gift for you, you only have to sign up once since it is a subscription service. You simply choose the brand, style, size and quantity and then you choose the frequency of delivery…it’s your choice! If you want to get 5 pair of black/gray boxer briefs or new socks every 6 months, then you know that you won’t have to wear the same underwear for 4 years. Needless to say, doing laundry too often sucks and if you don’t have a decent supply of underwear, you might have no choice but to end up going “commando”.

By signing up to receive new underwear  and socks at regular intervals, you (and your parents) will know that you can keep a fresh enough supply so you can go at least 2-3 weeks without doing laundry before turning your underwear inside out and you won’t have to be “that guy”.

If all your parents want to buy for you is books, maybe it is time to let them know about JocksNtees, so they can get you something that you can really use. Take a look, find what you need and get set up.

Don’t forget, we also offer undershirts and, even better, white and black Champion and Hanes socks since we know how quickly you lose or wear through those also.

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