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Don Felder at Sugar House review

Steve Trager

Don Felder Felder at Sugar House review

Don Felder entertains Music Fans to an evening of Eagles classics at SugarHouse

We often forget just how great classic rock truly is and how it has shaped music and it’s on-going timeless gift that never slips away from the back of our minds.

The 70’s era of rock contributed some of the most memorable rock anthems from some of the best known artists today.

While we often enjoy a great arena rock show filled with gleaming lights and pyrotechnics that add that certain brand of “wow” effect in any typical visual that fills the naked eye, it’s definitely refreshing to see many well known bands and solo artists take a different approach to the concert experience.

To see some great iconic artists in a small intimate setting is not only amazing but is becoming more common than you think.

Many arena rock artists and solo individuals these days are now scaling down their massive tour productions down to fit smaller more intimate venues, giving you the fan that personal feeling as if they are performing for just you when you close your eyes is priceless.

The music of the Eagles can be long remembered for numerous contributions of stellar hits and power ballads that have come full circle beyond being labeled classics.

Music fans can truly appreciate all the amazing song writing and unforgiving melodies created by The Eagles as a whole band in the genre of classic rock over the years.

Among the four individuals who have branded many of these great ballads and hard driving rock anthems, we acknowledge Don Felder for his unparalleled diversity and compelling song writing ability to create timeless works of brilliant melodies.

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There was no better way to see Don Felder in his prime than as a solo artist re-create memorable melodies with a long list of his contributions from the Eagles and the great music they have created throughout the years with a sold out show at the Event Center inside the SugarHouse Casino.

Definitely a great place to see any up and coming artist or even a well -known artist like Felder who is the second popular artist to perform at the event center this year.

With no opening band to sit through and get bored with, Don Felder stepped into the limelight and strapped on his trademark Les Paul and began to memorize the sold- out Philly crowd.

Don hit the stage just past 8 pm to an eagerly excited packed house as he opened the show with an all time great Eagles relic “Already Gone”, an absolutely great classic to get the rock show underway.

Like most of us who grew up with all these great songs that he performed throughout the evening, he also tipped his guitar to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughn and double trouble with “Pride & Joy”.

Nothing screams the blues rock and soul of Stevie Ray Vaughn with that trademark song early on in the set.

Much of the Don’s history and contributions as an artist were showcased throughout the entire ninety-minute sizzler of ballads and rockers like “Tequila Sunrise”, “Heartache Tonight”, “Seven Bridges Roads”, “Peaceful Easy Feeling”, and “Victim of Love”.

During the show he would banter certain songs and certain years of his rich history as a musician especially during his tenor with the Eagles, however I liked when he would heckle his former band and call them Beatles and or Seagulls right before he would go into another hit melody maker at the show.

Every song kept the fans inspired and definitely entertained in this ultra small but cozy setting.

No matter if you were in the balcony or in the front row, you felt like you were on stage with Don Felder while you playing guitar.

There were a bunch of songs he did perform that were done by the late great Glenn Fry and or Don Henley or even Joe Walsh as everyone knows they have written many of the cult classics spanning their musical careers.

Sitting within the first ten rows watching Felder playing guitar, seemed to be a rockers dream whipping through  “Take It To The Limit”, “Witchy Woman”, and “Life In The Fast Lane”, three of my all time greatest Eagles songs ever in the earliest days of them as band.

With a set list built to truly quench any rocker’s appetite, he never leaves the stage without the Eagles trademark which he respectively brings out the Gibson Double neck and says to the fans

“You know what time it is don’t you? obviously not time to leave the show without hearing Hotel California, one of the most respected songs captivating fans young and even old that can relate to a great well written song much of a timeless classic beyond verbal words to express a great ballad”.

For an artist to pack a small place like SugarHouse was nothing short of a great show, packed with adoring fans of Eagles music at hand and a fun filled evening with an amazing musician that contributed to a history of rock and roll fame along the way.

Felder Set List:

Already Gone

One of These Nights

Pride & Joy

You Don’t Have Me

Victim of Love

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Take  It To The Limit

Tequila Sunrise

Seven Bridges Road

Those Shoes

Girls In Black

Heavy Metal

Witchy Woman

The Long Run

Heartache Tonight

Life In The Fast Lane

Take It Easy

Hotel California

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