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Disc Nation: Ultimate Frisbee is better than ever with Horizon Darts' disks

Editorial Staff

Horizon Darts' disks take frisbee to the next level

Make your game even more extreme with these amazing disks

The game of disc golf, introduced in the 60’s, has recently become one of the fastest growing sports in America and Europe.  As a great source of entertainment, disc golf courses are usually free to play and provide great exercise.  Age groups from 6-60 can be seen on the course on a bright shiny day with little or no planning.  The 1st permanent course designed in 1975 in California was the first of what is now thousands of courses expanding coast to coast.  While the number of courses grows, innovations to disc shapes and materials continue to push the limits on control and distance.

Today’s game is much different than what it once was.  The Frisbee created by Fred Morrison and originally called the Whirlo-Way was licensed by Wham-O Toys in 1957.  It was this moment that sparked a new trend.  The efforts for players to have better control and distance with each toss created new beveled edges and lighter plastics for just the right throw.  Like golf clubs, but a lot cheaper, there are discs for driving, mid-range and putting.  Today, discs are measured by 4 major numbered characteristics (speed, glide, turn, fade) as well as different plastics for grip and weights.  These numbers will tell you exactly how the disc will fly during your throw.  With the right combinations of numbers, you can accurately throw around trees or float them down at the perfect spot.

Horizon Darts is proud to carry a colorful range of discs from beginner to pro, baskets for ‘at-home’ play and bags to carry your gear.  We also carry Ultimate discs and even discs that are shatter resistant for your dog.  Our Horizon staff is eager to help you find what works best for you.  See a listing of our current stock at  Please call us at 800-542-3278 for availability on color and gram weights.   

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