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Dexter cupcakes top off a killer viewing party

Kick off the new season in true Dexter fashion

“Dexter” sparks images of blood, dead bodies, more blood, graphic sex scenes, and more blood. Now think about cupcakes. Sweet, soft, covered in fluffy, delicious frosting. And add blood.

That’s what Showtime and Magnolia Bakery have done. The new Dexter cupcakes are red velvet cake topped with blood and glass shards. Sounds appetizing right?

Okay it’s not real blood and glass. The “blood” is red-colored caramel. The glass? Sugar “glass.”

With all the hype around “Dexter,” it’s no wonder that Showtime is trying this marketing scheme. Probably thousands of cupcakes will be ordered for “Dexter” season premier viewing parties.

But before you rush out to buy some, they are only available in New York, Los Angles and Chicago for $4 a cupcake. Even worse, they’re only available till June 30, when “Dexter” premiers.

If you’re party just simply won’t be complete without the official “Dexter” cupcakes, you can order them online from sho.com. They’re priced at $29.95 for a half dozen, plus $30 for shipping.

Cupcakes are good, but a killer (pun intended) viewing party needs a few more bloody touches.

For decorations, try covering your viewing area in plastic and splattering it with fake blood. Not only will it look awesome, but it’ll be fun to put up.

You could make yourself the same breakfast that Dexter makes in the opening credits. Or you could make whatever you want and cover it with fake blood. (I’d go with the fake blood.) Another sweet treat you could make is blood slide suckers, like Dexter’s souvenirs, except you can eat yours.

Now how bout drinks? If you’re over 21, you could go with the classic Bloody Mary or pretty much anything with cranberry juice. Those who are underage should stick to cranberry juice or red Kool-Aid.

Share some of your plans for the premier with us in the comments or on Facebook.

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