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DeMarco Murray makes history

Danielle Olipra

DeMarco Murray as Oklahoma Sooner

Third-string rookie sets record for Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray ran 253 in the Dallas Cowboys vs. St Louis Rams game on Sunday, which the Cowboys won 34-7.  And if you’re saying, “Who…?”, You’re not alone.

The LA Times reports that Murray was “an afterthought” for the Cowboys going into this season, but now the third-string rookie running back holds a team record.  In the record book, he’s even listed above Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett, Cowboys considered legends.

The record is for the most rushing yards ever in a single game in the history of the team.  Only eight other players in the NFL have rushed more yards in a single game, and that list includes one rookie.

DeMarco Murray was just a third-round pick out of Oklahoma before he rushed his way into the headlines Sunday night.  “I never thought in a million years that I’d ever have a day like this,” said Murray.

At the beginning of the game, Murray had only acquired 71 yards for the entire season, season but with starter Felix Jones injured he had increased playing time.

Murray’s record-breaking took most by surprise, as more than 11,000 fantasy players only added Murray to their rosters Monday morning on Yahoo! Sports.  But the running back broke records as a member of the Sooners, too.

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