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Day dos of Lollapalooza

David Batka

Mumford & Sons

The rock gods have finally smiled and given us sun

With clear weather and a roster that made those who only had single day passes for another day envious, the second round of Lollapalooza in our opinion hosted the finest set of artists.

 The husband and wife duo of Shovels & Rope, helped get the day started with their folky alternative sounds.  With a repertoire including “O’ Be Joyful,” “The Thread” and “Gasoline,” they seemed to be the perfect remedy to help rejuvenate the crowd that was still hanging from the previous days performance.

Planet Hemp, out of Brazil, was a band that we didn’t mean to catch, but are incredibly glad we did. Their rap rock styling makes you want to throw your fist in the air and jump around. Lead singer BNegão’s voice is eerily reminiscent of Zack de la Rocha, which makes on miss Rage Against the Machine. So while there is no more Rage, we are just find with letting Planet Hemp take their place.

There was one artist of the day though that proved no matter how much soul you think you have, he has that and more in his little finger. Charles Bradley, who started his career as a James Brown impersonator, was unlike any other artist of the three-day fest. His stage presence and voice are larger than life. With lyrics drawn from his own struggles in life, Bradley pours himself into every word he sings.

The highlight of the night though was Mumford & Sons. Their high-energetic fueled folk rock, filled the field in front of the Red Bull stage like no band yet.  Their hit “I Will Wait” had every guy and gal in overalls moving.

Artists we’re sad we missed:

Brooke Wagner
The Dunwells
Bad Things
Ralph’s World

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